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financial & tax planning for digital asset investors

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crypto planning

for investors with <$5mm in crypto assets

For new investors: assistance with education, getting proper accounts & tools set up, and ongoing support

For experienced investors: advice & financial planning around existing crypto assets, ongoing support, a focus on tax planning

We integrate crypto in your life just like any other investments, and you need to take into account your personal finances when investing in crypto - so our planning process covers all aspects of your financial life including:

• Cash flow planning
• Tax planning
• Savings & goals planning
• Debt management
• Insurance planning & review
• Estate planning review

Additional benefits:
Cost of tax prep will be deducted from annual fee (up to $800)

Starting at $8,000 flat annual fee
(billed quarterly)


for investors with >$5mm in crypto assets

Everything in Crypto Planning, but with an emphasis on tax planning, wealth preservation, & estate planning

Additional benefits:​

Cost of tax prep will be deducted from annual fee (up to $2,400)

Assistance with building team of additional financial professionals (Crypto-friendly CPAs, attorneys, etc.)

$24,000 flat annual fee
(billed quarterly)

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