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✍🏼 writer
💰 financial planner
🎨 creative entrepreneur

featured in:
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career things

📍 Founder of Piertree, a creative holding company

💰 Co-founder of AllStreet Wealth, a virtual, fee-only financial planning firm for our generation
🍞 Creator of Creatorbread, a blog educating creators about money and business​
🕳 Creator of The Crypto Guide, a collection of content to help you make sense of the digital asset environment​
🎨 Creator of, a collection of marketing resources for financial advisors​
🎥 Media & brand for PlannerDAO, a decentralized community of financial professionals driving the industry forward​

about me

I grew up in small-town Kansas - small as in a population of less than 1,100..  

Neighbors down the street had goats and people would leave their homes unlocked.  

No McDonald's, no Walmart - just a pizza place and a local grocery store.

​I ended up going to college in a town nearby where I spent 4 years getting a degree in Finance and Marketing while playing baseball.​
After college, I had to get out of the small town, moved to Kansas City, and took the normal route of working a 9-5. However, I quickly realized that I was suffocated by the lack of upward growth and freedom.​

So in July 2020, I launched a modern financial planning firm for our generation. I saw the glaring issues that existed in the financial planning world and I'm on a mission to fix them.

a two month engagement designed to get your money right.

✅ Profit-First & Financial Automation implementation
✅ Estimated quarterly tax payment setup
✅ Financial tech stack review & recommendations
✅ Shortlist of recommended financial professionals (CPA, bookkeepers, etc)
✅ Assistance with setting up accounting software & expense categorization
✅ Business entity evaluation
(Sole prop vs. Single-Member LLC vs. S Corp)
✅ Ultimate Tax Guide for Freelancers
💰 Personalized One-Page Financial Plan
For freelance writers, designers, YouTubers, creators

(billed over two months)

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live different. the blog

writing about money, creative entrepreneurship, freelancing, and life

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freelancing & creating

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a two month engagement designed to get your money right.

✅ Profit-First & Financial Automation Implementation
• Creating automated systems for paying yourself first and setting aside money for taxes (no more surprises in April!)
✅ Financial tech stack review & recommendations
• Banking solutions
• Accounting software
• Tax & savings systems
• W9 & 1099 issuance for contractors
✅ Estimated Quarterly Tax Payment Setup
• Assistance with setting up Catch to automate tax withholding percentage & quarterly tax payments
✅ Shortlist of recommended financial professionals for further assistance
• CPAs, bookkeepers, financial planners
• Questions to ask them
✅ Assistance with setting up accounting software & expense categorization
(and reviewing existing systems)
✅ Ultimate Tax Guide for Freelancers
An 8-page guide covering the most important things you need to know about self-employed taxes
✅ Business entity evaluation
(Sole prop vs. Single-Member LLC vs. S Corp)
✅ One Page Financial Plan
Current snapshot, next steps, and action items

$1,000 (billed over two months)

Pay Now & Get Started Today

designed for those who want ongoing financial advice & guidance.

✅ Everything in Financial Foundations
✅ Ongoing advice & unlimited support
✅ Investment management
✅ Cash flow planning
✅ Debt management
✅ Monthly check-ins
✅ Risk management
✅ Tax planning
✅ Business planning
✅ Life & goal planning
Some benefits clients see in their life are:​
• More confidence in their finances
• More time to spend on their passions
• Peace of mind about their future

$750 initial planning fee

$300 monthly fee

*No annual contract
Schedule a Virtual Coffee

a financial relationship
designed with you in mind.

The freelance and creator journey is something that not everyone can empathize with.

I understand the financial stress business can cause and the financial wins that business can bring. And my experience with growing a financial planning business & doing freelance work while managing my own finances gives me a unique perspective. ​

I'm here to help create clarity and confidence in your financial life.​

Personal finance is much more than just the numbers - it's about the people.

My clients receive high-touch advice and support and my job's not done until you're confident with your money.​

There's no phone directory or never-ending loop of customer service you have to go through to get your questions answered.  

You get my direct phone number and can reach me at any time.

Your time is valuable. So is mine. That's why I built my process with both of us in mind.

Virtual meetings.  E-signed documents.  Fully digital account opening.

​Financial advice has never been this convenient.