Financial Advice Reimagined: [Project Name Pending]

Originally published September 30, 2021

Note: The project is still in development, additional member benefits are in the process of approval, token distribution is being finalized so while it's not complete, I'm a believer in putting ideas out into the world so this blog post is serving as a "Step 1" to making the idea come to life.

For years, the financial advice industry has had mile-high barriers and an overall lack of trust and transparency.

And I'm aiming to fix it through an NFT project.

The idea was formed on the belief that most people don't need a financial advisor, but need financial advice from someone qualified to give it.

So we're decentralizing financial advice by giving members (NFT owners) the ability to engage with financial professionals in a community setting, while having the ability to engage further within the Discord through direct message or video chat.

And financial advice is more than just investments and telling you to spend less money..

The community is here to help you get the contextual advice you need at times when it matters most, such as:

• Weighing the options of buying a new home

• Figuring out how to manage finances as newlyweds

• What to expect financially with a new child

• Building a debt pay off plan

• Making your first investments

Additionally, we're bringing in professionals from a wide range of industries including accounting, insurance, real estate, and more to provide different perspectives and scopes of advice.

Members get access to our private discord where they can interact with other community members, have access our resources, and most importantly:

Ask questions and engage in conversations with professionals who are qualified (through education or experience) to give financial advice.

Think of it as the perfect combination between a Google Search, Reddit, and a one-on-one relationship with a financial professional.

Membership has no time limit.

If you purchase an NFT and never sell it, you have access to the community, all of our future developments, and our professionals for life.

The Discord

The community runs through discord and this is a breakdown of the channels and how they can be used:


This is where you can ask questions and engage in conversations with professionals who are qualified (through education or experience) to give financial or other professional advice









How we're making this more accessible than other NFT projects

We're increasing accessibility in two ways:

1. Airdropping 500 of the NFTs to people who cannot afford the mint price, and helping them with wallet set-up and onboarding into community

2. Letting people donate to 3 select charities, submitting the donation receipt, and airdropping the NFT to those who donated (meaning they don't need to be holding crypto or be crypto-literate to participate

The current plan for NFT distribution is:


For sale on OpenSea on initial release


For donations (500 assigned to each of the 3 charities)


Airdropped for free to non-crypto-native people in need - helping with wallet set up and onboarding


Held back for creators, our professionals, giveaways

7,112 total

Details on member benefits, project development, fund distribution, and more to come in a follow-up post soon.

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