Ope, let me squeeze right past ya

Languages are so interesting to me.

Each language, and each geographic location within each language, usually has its own slang terms and ways to say certain phrases.

And to this day, I still learn new English terms that I didn't know existed.

Or how they're spelled - like prima donna. For 20 years of my life I thought it was pre-Madonna.

Cuz that makes sense, right?

Thanks to a trend on Twitter a few years ago talking about how Midwesterners overuse the word "ope", I now notice every single time I say it and the trend was right... we overuse the shit out of "ope".

In the south, some call shopping carts, buggies or backpacks, book sacks.

And the age-old debate - coke vs. pop vs. soda (It's pop by the way..)

And in the UK, french fries are called chips but in America, chips are chips. I'm actually not sure what the UK term for chips is. Crisps maybe?

Or how there's phrases in certain languages that make sense, but don't translate directly to English.

I just think it's cool that we're all on the same planet but everyone has their own style of communication based on where they live.

What's a word that you use that isn't common in other places?

Essay #54 - 5.19.21

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