Remove This From Your Life For Good

Have you ever gone to order something online and for some reason the checkout page won't autofill your information?

Or searched a business' website for their pricing only to find nothing at all?

Anything that slows down the sales cycle and creates "friction" between a business and a customer is a friction point.

Though I haven't read it, I've heard another great example of this is a story from James Clear, author of the best-selling book Atomic Habits.

He wanted to start eating healthier so he bought apples and placed them in the crisper in his fridge. After some time, he ate none of them.

So he decided to get a bowl and placed the apples on his kitchen counter rather than the fridge. With the apples being in a more convenient spot, he ate all of them.

He removed the friction of opening the fridge door by placing them in his sight.

MeetKevin, a YouTuber who puts out multiple videos a day and has over 1.5 million subs, spent $150,000 on his home YouTube studio to remove all friction from recording videos. He sits down, presses a couple buttons, and talks.

Removing friction is a fast-track to getting your desired result.

Struggling to save money? Remove the friction by automating the transfers.

Can't seem to get new clients? Review your client experience and onboarding for possible friction points

Friction creates inaction.

In business or in life, do everything in your power to remove it.

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