laws of the universe: my order & notes

I struggle with the idea of belonging to a singular religion.

Claiming to have found the "right" higher power and the "right" path to the afterlife doesn't feel right, so I like to align myself with the Laws of the universe.

While similar to a core set of commandments or beliefs, the Laws feel more freeing & truer to our existence.

Below are short summaries/affirmations that I use to help stay balanced:

1) The Law of Divine Oneness

We’re a collective and kindness & abundance benefits all

  • "Each individual serves as an anchor, a root that tethers us to a shared experience. Our vibrational frequencies interact with one another, creating a symphony of energies that shape our collective reality."

2) The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Vibrations are in constant motion, capable of being altered into a desired state

  • "Energy in the universe consists of all the knowledge that ever existed & that will ever exist. You’ve heard of inventors thinking of a certain invention during the same time frame? Everything is already (out there). When it gets to your thought, it has begun to move into form. As you gain clarity of whatever your thought is, it begins to organize more. It begins to transform & transmute itself into your emotional system. It changes the vibration within a person and then moves into form. This is how you manifest things into your life."

3) The Law of Vibration

Everything has a vibration, and attraction comes through true alignment

  • "Pay attention to the energy that you are putting into the world. Make an effort to shift to a more positive frequency. This can be done through meditation, visualization, and positive affirmations."

4) The Law of Attraction

Your reality mirrors & invites the same energy you put into the universe

  • “You’re surrounded by the outcome of decisions you’ve made in the past and are fully capable of making other decisions and attracting a different set of circumstances in the present and future.”

5) The Law of Rhythm

Recognize & embrace appropriate seasons

6) The Law of Polarity

There are (at least) two perspectives & sides to everything . . . be grateful for the present moment & remember that nothing lasts forever

  • Nothing is as linear as you'd like it to be

7) The Law of Cause & Effect

All actions produce reactions and will return to you . . . karma

8) The Law of Inspired Action

Intentional work invites desired rewards

9) The Law of Compensation

You must contribute to collect, and all efforts receive a relative form of compensation

  • “You get as good as you give"

10) The Law of Correspondence

Regular visions, patterns, and actions become your reality

  • "What happens around us, is a direct reflection of what is happening within us"

11) The Law of Relativity

There are different ways to perceive each situation, and don't compare yours to others

  • "Something that is one thing to you – is different to someone else"

12) The Law of Gender

Masculine & feminine energies exist in everything and balance of each is required

  • Everyone experiences emotions, learn to feel & embrace them

(Extra) The Law of Abundance

Everyone eats, love isn't limited, and everyone has space to realize their dreams

  • "The more you live from a place of abundance, the more you open yourself up to receive more goodness. And the more you hold onto stuff, people, or specific outcomes, the harder it becomes to attract those things."

(Alchemy) The Law of Equivalent Exchange

To obtain or create, you must give or let go

  • "One cannot receive anything more from a system than what is initially put in"
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