how to make: recession french toast

with a little frugality, you can have plates of your own, hand-crafted syrupy stacks for mere pennies.

maybe not pennies, but only a couple of dollars.

below is everything you need to know to make a filling, high-ish calorie meal every day for $61/month:


the ingredients:

prices are based in kansas city, missouri (jan. 2023)

great value white bread - $1.32 - cost per dish: $0.54

  • for a meal, six pieces feels like the right amount to me
  • great value is the cheapest and I think it’s pretty good, but you can upgrade if desired.

eggs - $4.96 27.6 ¢/ea (stupid) - cost per dish: $1.10

  • I use 4 eggs to make 6 pieces of toast
  • hopefully prices go down soon

cinnamon - $1.18 - cost per dish: $.02

  • some sprinkles of cinnamon

powdered sugar - $1.78 - cost per dish: $0.13

  • we’re not going for healthy here

syrup - $3.34 - cost per dish: $0.29

  • like the other things, a bottle will last a while. splurge on a tasty one

(optional) vanilla - $5.98 - cost per dish: $0.05?

  • if you have it, use it. if you don’t, it’s not a necessity

(optional) milk - $3.47 - cost per dish: $0.31

  • you can save costs and do without, but you can upgrade with a splash of milk to make the egg coating a little bit better.

(optional) fruit - bananas, blueberries - cost per dish: $0.20+

  • bananas are shockingly cheap, so slicing one up can be an easy, affordable way to add some flavor.

total cost for 6 pieces of french toast: $2.08

with milk: $2.39
with fruit: $2.59+

the cooking:

i’m sure there are a lot of different ways to go about this, but here’s how i do it:

step 1) heat pan on stovetop

you want it hot enough that the egg batter won’t stick

step 2) mix eggs and cinnamon

while the pan is heating, mix eggs and cinnamon (and your optional milk & vanilla) into a bowl or flat container

step 3) dip & place bread

after mixing and heating the pan, dip the bread in the egg batter and place on heated pan.

step 4) flip the bread

once it’s cooked to your liking, flip the bread and wait until both sides are done.

step 5) repeat

while waiting for the last side to cook, you can start dipping the next pieces of bread.

step 6) apply syrup & powdered sugar

once all the pieces are done cooking, pour on the toppings and enjoy 🤌🏼

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